IMX e4090 Internet Video Encoder

IMX MatrixCloud Digital Video Recorder

The IMX MatrixCloud Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) feature is design to give viewers options on when they want to see different video content. The MDVR feature allows operators to offer enhanced IPTV services to existing and new customers.


Complete Control over Network-Wide Live TV Recording

IPTV providers have total control over live TV recording across all of their live channels. Providers can decide which channel to record and how long. For example, providers can decide to provide 48 hours worth of recorded content on all the channels in HD quality. All the recorded videos will be available to viewers on demand where they can watch anytime. Viewers simply access recorded videos like they do with all video-on-demand content.


Multiscreen Support for TV, PC, and Mobile Recording


The MDVR (MatrixCloud Digital Video Recorder) feature is an add-on feature of the MatrixStream IMX e4100 multiscreen media gateway. IPTV operators have the option to transcode incoming video streams into multiple display formats optimized for TV, PC, and mobile screens. This allows viewers the ability to access the same video, whether they are in front of large screen HDTVs, PCs, tablets, or mobile phones.


Content Security Based on Geography and Devices


All the video content available via MDVR can be controlled down to geography and device levels. Operators can choose to offer certain content only in selected cities on pre-selected devices. For example, operators can make a content available only on Android smartphones and in a particular city.


Visual Thumbnails for All Recorded Shows


The MDVR feature will generate visual thumbnails automatically for all recorded shows. Viewers can easily identify videos based on meta information of thumbnails. The newly recorded shows will appear on viewers’ EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) automatically.


Adaptive Streaming


IMX MDVR function supports adaptive streaming for recorded videos. Based on each viewer’s available bandwidth, IMX streaming servers will optimize the viewing quality for that viewer. When a viewer has higher available bandwidth, a higher-quality video is provided as opposed to a viewer with a lower bandwidth. The entire IPTV system is optimized to give each viewer the best viewing experience based on available bandwidth.


Fully Integrated with IPTV Ecosystem


The MDVR feature is fully integrated with the entire MatrixStream IPTV ecosystem, enabling seamless access for viewers. Once enabled, viewers can access MDVR features from multiple devices including PCs, set top boxes, smart phones, and tablets.




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