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MatrixStream to Revolutionize In-Vehicle Entertainment with High Definition IPTV



San Mateo – June 16, 2008 – MatrixStream Technologies, Inc. is partnering with multiple motor vehicle manufacturers to bring consumers the new MX2 wireless terminal touch screen IPTV platform codename MX-Drive. The MX-Drive uses MatrixCastä video streaming technology, allowing consumers to instantly stream video on demand titles and live TV channels in both standard definition and high definition over very low bandwidth from any vehicle equipped with the MX-Drive.


Drivers are of course must focus on the road; however, they can be assured that their passengers are pleasantly preoccupied with the latest digital media offerings.  “Whether you’re a business person who needs to keep up to date with the latest stock news or a parent who wants to keep your children occupied during extended road trips, the MX2 wireless terminal touch screen will keep car and minivan passengers tuned in all ride long” according to Robert Liu, COO of MatrixStream.


Complete Car Vehicle IPTV SolutionThe MX-Drive will only make it easier for consumers to access live TV and video on demand titles anywhere they go through MatrixStream’s PC player, set top box for TV, wireless terminal for vehicles, and coming soon, IPTV player for mobile phones. This is the MatrixStreamâ quadruple play IPTV everywhere goal.


The heart of this IPTV solution is the MatrixCast video streaming transport, a video transport protocol capable of streaming HD videos over the Internet at low bandwidth requirements.  MatrixStream IPTV servers and players all work in conjunction seamlessly using the MatrixCast streaming protocol.  And since the solution is software based, the MX2 can be configured wirelessly, automatically integrating updates and optional add-ons; allowing for greater functionality, expandability and a higher degree of customization. 


According to a 2008 iSuppli article, Automotive Infotainment Technology Shifts Upscale in 2008, “Global combined OEM and aftermarket revenue for automotive infotainment systems is expected to hit $39.8 billion in 2008, up 7.9% from $36.98 billion in 2007.”

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MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., offers a complete end-to-end VOD and IPTV platform solution, utilizing patent pending MatrixCast-HD technology that delivers DVD and HDTV quality videos over any broadband IP network to the viewing audience.  Currently, MatrixStream is working with several major broadband service providers around the world.  For more information, please visit


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