MatrixStream H.264 complete HD streaming IPTV solution over the Internet

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MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., is a rapidly expanding, privately held company that has developed a complete, fully functional IPTV solution that can stream HD and SD videos over the Internet. Our unique patent-pending approach is one of the first in the entire industry. We are aggressively selling our solution into multiple markets. We are always looking for partners that can help us grow the company to meet growing market demands. Please click here to contact us about investing in MatrixStream and the growing IPTV market space.

Market Facts


Recent market report suggest that most of the broadband service providers and cable broadband service providers are aggressively migrating into to all-IP-triple-play-services.


Worldwide IPTV service revenue will skyrocket to $44B by 2009.


Number of IPTV subscribers worldwide will grow to 53.7 million by 2009.


IPTV services infrastructure capital expenses will grow 1,377% from $304 million today to close to $4.5 billion by 2009.


Number of IPTV subscribers in North America will increase 12,985% between 2004 and 2009.


Article on Global IPTV market to reach $19 Billion by 2012


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MatrixStream Investor Info