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Resellers/Integrators - MatrixStream is always looking for resellers and integrators that are looking for Internet IPTV solutions. We have a reseller package where we give you all the marketing tools to help resellers to be successful in their local market.


IP Set Top Box manufacturers - MatrixStream can easily port its STB client software to any IP STB. Our IP STB is capable of working with IP STBs based on Intel STB reference design and Linux based.


Video Encoding - MatrixStream is highly specialized in video encoding. Our highly trained engineers can help you convert your videos from DVDs and films to IP videos in H.264 or other video codec formats. We charge by per minute rate and we have one of the most aggressive pricing for video encoding.


Video Content Providers - MatrixStream is always looking to add new videos to its our content offering lineup. We will help you market your videos to wider audiences and our customers.


Server Manufacturers - MatrixStream can work with your company to certify your servers to work with MatrixStream IMX software.


Complimentary Solution Providers - MatrixStream is always looking to partner with other companies offering complimentary products in the same market.


Custom IPTV Software - If you are looking for a specialized IPTV software, MatrixStream has the expertise to design a custom IPTV software. An additional non-recurring engineering fee might be charged depending on type of customization.

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