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AT&T and Uber to roll out connected car rides to allow commuters watch and enjoy college football in the backseat during their trips according to Reuters.

This is great news to football fans that are going to be on the road while the game is on!

Ten Chevrolet Tahoe cars will roll out on four Saturdays in the months of October and November in the following cities – Atlanta, Houston, Nashville, and Detroit.

These vehicles will have AT&T wireless connectivity and will be equipped with four tablets in the back of headrests and wireless headsets.

AT&T has stepped up its focus on offering video content on TVs to mobile devices. It is only one of the telecom players in the wireless industry in the US that is tapping into new revenue streams for growth, such as mobile devices and connected cars.

Besides providing the pipelines that deliver data, these telecom players are seeing to extract revenue from content.

At Matrixstream, we offer the reliable solution that will help you expand your service portfolio by offering to your customers live college football streaming in their cars.

Automobile car IPTV OTT Solution

Aside from that, the MatrixCloud Automobile OTT IPTV Solution allows you to offer both HD video-on-demand videos and live streaming TV channels over the internet. Even when wireless connections switch from one to the other, you can still maintain and deliver high-quality videos.

This solution allows you to give your subscribers the option to watch videos on their car’s existing video display. In addition to that, your subscribers can watch any of the videos available in the video on demand section.

The system is fully scalable to support your current requirements and future growth and it’s very easy to deploy, manage, and support.

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