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In the latest major study  performed by Strategy Analytics and online video specialist Piksel, here are some interesting findings:

  • The survey found that in Q2 2015, 52 per cent of viewers are driven by a ‘content-related’ factor when looking for an online video service of preference.
  • Such factors could be related to the type of content (whether the service includes full TV series and movies, live content, or user generated content) and the size of the content library.
  • Price and pricing options account for only 39 per cent of consumer choice.
  • The majority of viewers believe that user experience-related factors, such as reliability of the service (no buffering, no delays), ease of use (friendly user interface and broad device support), and video quality, are very important.

These findings are based on an online survey addressing over 1,200 US viewers between 16 and 59 years old who had watched online video services at least six months prior to the study.

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