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Multi-Device Live Streaming Video Gateway

Save Bandwidth By Optimizing Each Live Streams for Multiple Devices

Designed for Telco Grade IPTV Commercial Deployment

Optimized for Commercial Pay TV IPTV Head-end

IMX e4100 SD/HD Multi-Device Video Gateway



The IMX e4100 multi-screen video transcoder is designed to help translate a single stream video into multiple video streams for multiple devices. Today, every single customer owns multiple devices with different screen sizes that are capable of playing videos. With IMX e4100 video transcoder, IPTV operators can offer streaming videos over the Internet to variety of devices including HD set top box, PC player, iPhone player, iPad/iPad 2 player and Android mobile player. The e4100 is able to take one single video stream input from IMX e4090 video encoder and transcode it into multiple streams based on devices supported.




  • Low-profile 1U rack-mounted design.
  • Supports variety of video formats including: HD set top box, PC video, iPhone video, Android mobile video, iPad/iPad2 video and others.
  • Optimized to transcode single stream video into multiple screen formats.
  • Fully compatible with IMX e4090 HD video encoder for seamless integration.
  • 6 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports provide additional performance and redundancy. Separate ethernet ports for stream ingestion and output.
  • Management by front panel with LCD/Keypad, embedded Web server configuration and SNMP (MIB v2C) with remote SNMP supervisor.
  • Work Seamlessly with MatrixStream Server Series – IMX e4100 video transcoders are optimized to support MatrixStream’s MatrixCast Streaming protocol over the Internet. This means IPTV providers can stream broadcast quality high definition videos over the Internet.



  • Video Inputs – 6x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Output Interface – 6x Gigabit Ethernet ports
MatrixStream i2410 Live TV Edge Node Server
MatrixStream i2410 Live TV Edge Node Streaming Server

Fully Integrated With Following MatrixCloud Technologies

MatrixCloud Video Gateway IPTV Solution Deployment Network Diagram

MatrixCloud Video Gateway IPTV Solution Deployment Network Diagram

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