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EPG is your best friend when it comes to browsing channels and content. We could use the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”, in order to explain the importance of EPG. You have so many channels available and have to decide which of them you are going to watch.
In the past, you got an extra piece of paper with your daily newspaper informing you what is on TV. It was a TV scheme for all 10 channels that people had at the time. Undoubtedly, it is funny now to imagine, but that extra paper meant something. Although, we all have to admit, it was not really convenient.
On the other hand, thanks to IPTV services we do not have that kind of situation anymore. EPG which stands for Electronic Program Guide is there to help you coordinate all desired programs and to stay tuned. 

Popularity of EPG

TV Guide is inevitable with a drastic increase in the number of channels, content, and active users as well. In the digital era, you have to provide your customers with more than just premium content and channels. In other words, it is necessary to ensure the manageability of the entire solution. Live TV guide has had its breakthrough in 2008 where nearly 60 million households in Europe where equipped with it, furthermore according to the forecast at that time, nearly three-quarters of all TV households will have some kind of digital TV guide.

EPG – How does it work?

EPG has many synonyms such as TV guide, Live TV guide, and so on, and they can differ from each other in certain features. Modern EPG is often called IPG as well (interactive programming guide) which is a menu-based system that allows you to rewind channels, to pause channels, and of course to record certain content that is being streamed. As we wrote previously Catch-up TV is only possible with EPG as a part of your IPTV solution.

How we do it?

TV Guide page serves to show the user what’s currently on Live TV Channels as well as what will be in the near future. MatrixStream uses the metadata that’s sent from the content provider and shows it in the player. The metadata sent by the content providers is being automatically synchronized and imported to the players, using the program created by our database development team.

To sum up: yes, we can deploy a full IPTV service for you too. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us here.

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Pirate Television – Huge Network Shut Thu, 25 Jun 2020 21:22:08 +0000 The post Pirate Television – Huge Network Shut appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


Pirate Television networks are being shut all across the globe, however, the latest victim of the anti-piracy campaign has been caught on the “Old Continent”. And the network was huge! Therefore, we are taking a little break in our IPTV 101 series to bring you the latest news. We will review the events and point out why legal television beats pirate television in every aspect.


How Did It Happen?

The recent worldwide measures that were taken in an attempt to protect people from the growing pandemic resulted in a huge number of people suddenly having too much free time. The basic idea of how COVID-19 affected IPTV as a business has been presented here.

However, just as it affected legal businesses it has impacted illegal ones as well. The great majority of people spent their past few months at home. And television is still the king of home entertainment. The demand for Live TV and VOD content is higher than ever. Naturally, the return of sports gave it the final boost.

With football (soccer) being huge in Europe, people all across the continent went completely crazy when it returned to the screens. Needless to say, the high demand for live sports was the perfect opportunity for pirate television providers to expand their network and customer base.

At first, it was perfect. Huge profit and even more to come. On the other hand, expanding pirate networks are way more detectable. This is exactly what made them fall apart.


The Summary of What Happened…


An international anti-piracy organization managed to shut down one of the giants of pirate television in Europe. The organization worked in a coalition with the Spanish police and the European football leagues.

The latest reports suggest that the newly formed coalition was able to detect and locate this pirate company offering over 40k live TV channels and a large amount of VOD content. The pirate network was based in Spain but had expanded to France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, UK, Sweden, and a few more European countries. Moreover, they even had franchises in the United States and Canada. The company that had more than 50 pirate television servers and over $15m in profit was shut down and gone… just like that.

This tells you that even the biggest players in the piracy game get caught eventually.


Pirate Television VS Legal Television


Pirate TV providers may offer a great number of channels and content at a lower price (at times). However, the quality of those streams is often poor as opposed to legit services. Furthermore, the reliability is questionable – at times the service can become unavailable without notice. That is from the customer’s point of view. On the other hand, from the provider’s point of view, with the regulations getting stricter by the day, is it worth risking legal prosecution? Even the biggest fall down.

Running a legit IPTV service does not need to be a headache and it does not need to have astronomical upfront costs. MatrixStream can help you set up and launch your IPTV service swiftly with affordable upfront costs, and most importantly, 100% legally.

Sounds good? Get in touch today for more details.

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Catch-Up TV – IPTV 101 Sun, 21 Jun 2020 12:54:06 +0000 The post Catch-Up TV – IPTV 101 appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


Catch-Up TV is yet another term that requires explanation. In case, you have forgotten and you need a refreshment of gained knowledge through ITPV 101 lessons, no worries. We are going to make a summary here. But first, let’s see how we can explain this easily.

Catch-Up TV – Core of IPTV Services

Days when you had to organize and schedule your activities around your favorite show, are long behind you. Just remember all the TV shows you missed because you had to be somewhere else. Moreover, it is hard to even remember that period. We owe it to a service that is popularly called Catch-Up TV. There is no other term that would better clarify stated above and it is completely taken for granted.

How Does It Work?

When you are not sure what something means you should look for it in a dictionary. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Catch-up TV is a system for watching TV programs after they have been broadcast, using a computer, phone, etc. that is connected to the internet.

The next question can be, is Catch-Up TV different than VOD. Yes, it is. We have explained VOD service in the recent blog post so we can say that VOD can be any type of content: simply, you chose it, press play and watch it or maybe even binge-watch the chosen content. Catch-Up TV is based on TV programs after they are broadcast. Program availability can vary from 7 to 30 days and that depends on the provider. Very often, an EPG is used for this occasion, but let’s leave something for the next post.

On the other hand, Catch-Up TV has made another crucial change in terms of television globally.  Primetime no longer exists. You can create your own Primetime for TV and enjoy it as much as you can.

Full IPTV Package

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to imagine IPTV service without this convenient solution. An opportunity where you can rewind any TV show is not to be missed when you are offering a serious IPTV solution. In case your potential client wants Catch-Up TV service, do not hesitate to answer that you can provide that. No big deal, your partner is MatrixStream and the only thing left do to is to schedule a meeting with our team of professionals here.

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IPTV 101 – New MX Blog Series Thu, 04 Jun 2020 22:26:41 +0000 The post IPTV 101 – New MX Blog Series appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


IPTV 101 is a new blog series proudly presented by MatrixStream. 

In the newly launched IPTV 101 blog posts, we will be covering some of the basic subjects of IPTV. Meaning, we will try to explain certain terminology, slang, as well as the very basics of how it all works.

To summarize – everything you need to know in case you are considering launching your own service.

On the other hand, if you are just a consumer, that is in love with IPTV as a service, and if you are simply curious about how it all works, we will do our best to explain everything as simple as possible. No need for overly complicated words or too many technical details.


Without further ado:

why not start off by learning about binge-watching and VOD in general?


More topics will be covered soon, so make sure you stay tuned.

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VOD Services – IPTV 101 Thu, 04 Jun 2020 22:05:15 +0000 The post VOD Services – IPTV 101 appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


Let’s meet VOD services

VOD services and related terms such as TVOD, AVOD, and SVOD are just one of the acronyms that keep you from understanding IPTV in full. As mentioned in our latest IPTV 101 blog post – you might now be binge-watching your favorite TV show with the help of VOD. But let us explain to you in the simplest possible way what VOD actually means. Let’s get to work!

VOD in Basics

Video on demand. That is exactly what it says. No twisting at all. Simply, the content just a few clicks away. With this in mind, VOD content can be whatever you imagine: TV shows, sports games, educational videos, and of course, advertising material. It has become a very popular form of entertainment in the last couple of years. Neilsen survey that was conducted in 61 countries says that 65% of respondents have watched some type of VOD. According to the latest trends, the key factor of VOD success is adaptable technology that can be streamed on any device. Moreover, the amount of certain VOD and video quality are attributes that make the distinction in terms of VOD.  

Types of VOD Services

When talking about VOD it is important to note that not all VODs are the same. The main difference between them is to whom they are intended and of course how to get them. Therefore, here is the list of three main types of VOD:

  • TVOD – Transactional Video On Demand where the best example is Apple’s iTunes.
  • SVOD – Subscription Video on Demand where Netflix, HBO, and Disney are dominant.
  • AVOD – Advertising-based Video On Demand such as YouTube.

On the other hand, diversification of technologies that are being used and the need to meet customer requirements influenced the fact that there are many variations of VOD beside the list above.

Quality and Quantity – It is possible

To summarize – nothing can be achieved with content only. It is the form that gives essence to all content and therefore you should not hesitate to contact us at MatrixStream Technologies. We can help you easily acquire premium quality VOD content which will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Don’t compromise between quality and quantity, because with us you can get both!

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Binge-watching – IPTV 101 Sat, 30 May 2020 21:00:13 +0000 The post Binge-watching – IPTV 101 appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


Binge-watching has become ‘the thing’ in the past few years.

Some people are ashamed of it, some are fine with it. However, the undeniable fact is that everybody is doing it. Moreover, with the recent worldwide lockdown measures, everybody had enough time to do it.

This is the reason we have decided to talk about it on the premiere of our IPTV 101 series.


What is Binge-watching?


In short, binge-watching means watching an entire season of a TV-show in a night. It means TV-show overdose. It means watching a decade of television in a week. This was not possible until recently.

Older generations will remember testing their patience by relying on a broadcaster’s schedule. Having to wait a full week for a new episode of their favorite TV show, only to be teased even more. It was never easy. However, the outbreak of IPTV services had made the above scenario unimaginable. Especially to the younger folks.


How IPTV Changed Everything?


IPTV introduced Video-On-Demand. And VOD became an instant hit. Insane amounts of movies and TV-shows available at any given time. Furthermore, as of recently, a new trend emerged – releasing new TV content as full seasons, instead of episode by episode. This was done with a strict purpose, to enable binge-watching.

Nowadays, TV fans have the opportunity to watch season after season. Naturally, people love it. What is not to love there, though? A lot of snacks, drinks and all-night relaxing in front of a big TV. There is always something to keep people awake. Whether it is the White Walkers converting the commoners or Heisenberg giving Jesse life lessons. No time for sleeping.

Check out the 8 TV-shows to binge-watch.


Be (Over)Prepared


IPTV providers across the globe have realized the potential of binge-watching. This trend has made the market that more competitive. Users love consuming high-volume of premium content. What’s more, they love to be able to watch it first. That is the exact reason you should be the first to provide new shows. As Bill Gates once said: “content is king”. Therefore, give your subscribers the opportunity to enjoy binge-watching to the fullest.

Through our partnerships, we at MatrixStream can help you acquire that content. Contact us and gain that advantage today!

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IPTV Startup – is it the right time? Wed, 27 May 2020 19:38:20 +0000 The post IPTV Startup – is it the right time? appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


IPTV Startup – to be, or not to be?


IPTV startup – is it the right time to launch it? Not many would agree. Moreover, there are even fewer who would dare to take that step. But let’s face it! IPTV startup cannot be doomed easily.




Beach or Countryside?


Let’s take one example. Imagine yourself being on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. No one is there to bother you. All-day relaxing and enjoying the sunny day and salty water. But suddenly you notice what time it is. Your favorite TV show is about to start. No problem at all, get your phone, start the app and you are there on time.

Another example can be that you are in the countryside away from the daily routine, traffic jams, constant mail checking, however, last week you did not manage to see your favorite TV show. Just settle in the tree shade and press play on your tablet.

According to CNBC now is the perfect time to sail the entrepreneur’s sea. If you recognize the opportunities in the examples above, you have already taken the first step.



IPTV Startup Business Plan


List down the key elements of your business plan. Likewise, establish what do you want to achieve and in what way. Therefore, every successful business plan has to have these included especially one concerning IPTV services:

  • Clear vision and mission
  • Main advantages of service that you provide
  • Diversity of services and content
  • Familiarity with the target group

You can find a bunch of different models and explanations on how to put ideas into action but these 10 elements seem most appropriate for IPTV startup.

Do not forget one essential ingredient. The budget that usually comes at the very beginning is an integral part of every component of a business plan. If you are dedicated enough you will certainly get funds needed for the launch.



Ask the Professionals


Whether you want to develop a business on a wild but beautiful beach or in the countryside, keep in mind that we have already done that. We at MatrixStream Technologies have all the necessary experience to implement your ideas. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department and share your thoughts with us.

Always be one step ahead with MatrixStream as a trustful partner.

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IPTV Streaming – Adaptive Bitrate Sun, 24 May 2020 16:54:44 +0000 The post IPTV Streaming – Adaptive Bitrate appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


IPTV Streaming 

IPTV Streaming can be considered a science of its own. Everyone has heard of it, but not too many people know how it actually works. Naturally, a lot of questions can arise.

  • What is IPTV? (check the basics here)
  • What makes it run smoothly?
  • Why are some streams awesome, and why are others poor?
  • Does it depend on the Internet connection?
  • Does it depend on the device I use?

Although a decent Internet connection is a requirement, it’s not necessary to have an extremely fast connection. On the other hand, the device used for watching IPTV shouldn’t make any difference. After all, IPTV is made to be used on all home and on-the-go devices. It’s TV everywhere!

“So, how do you do it?” I hear you ask. In short, it is done by using adaptive bitrates. 


Streaming Types

There are two basic streaming types. Imagine putting them in a boxing ring.
In one corner you have an experienced veteran and a former champion called Progressive Streaming. In the other corner, you have a young, skilled professional in his prime. Adaptive Streaming is the name. The crowd is going crazy. The anticipation is rising. However, before the match, let’s assess the fighters.


Progressive IPTV Streaming

It is based on a single video file being streamed over the Internet. In case IPTV was watched on a single device, using nothing but the fastest of Internet connections, Progressive Streaming would still be the champion. The game has, however, changed dramatically. With people watching IPTV on more devices than ever, using their fiber, WiFi, and Mobile Network connections, no one can expect one video file to fit all the requirements. The video file can be stretched to fit different screen sizes of course. However, streaming a mobile-optimized video on a TV set would result in poor picture quality. Likewise, a video file optimized for watching at home would result in long buffering times if watched on a mobile phone.


Adaptive IPTV Streaming

With Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, two main issues are resolved: quality and buffering time.

This is done by putting the same single video file through transcoders, where it is processed and output at multiple bitrates. Therefore, the video is ready to be streamed on any device (screen size). Moreover, the video is being transcoded into multiple frame rates. This means that it can be downloaded quickly even when using slower connections. What’s more, it is adapting automatically to the device and connection, ensuring the video runs smoothly at all times.


The Match

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!
Unfortunately, all the anticipation lead to a T.K.O in the first round.
When it comes to modern-day IPTV streaming, Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is an absolute champion. It is one of the main factors that influence the smoothness and the awesomeness of an IPTV stream. As mentioned in the assessment, it is ready to adapt and always provide the best possible quality for a particular screen size and Internet connection.


Do not waste another second with progressive streaming. Contact us here, and let us help you switch your IPTV streaming service to adaptive streaming today. Your customers will love it!

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IPTV Update COVID-19 Fri, 22 May 2020 20:49:31 +0000 The post IPTV Update COVID-19 appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


IPTV Update – How COVID-19 Influenced the Market

The latest IPTV update is that it has been affected as any other industry across the globe by the ongoing Corona Virus crisis.

Some businesses were completely shattered to pieces, some have grown. IPTV is in the latter group.

With people being stuck at home, self-isolating, TV is one of the main entertainment options. With plenty of spare time, people are watching TV now more than ever. IPTV as a business has witnessed a record amount of streaming recently.

Therefore, with so many easy-to-reach customers, now may be the perfect time to launch your IPTV business.

Read a more detailed analysis on our latest blog article.


Interested in launching soon? Contact us here for more details on how we can help you quickly start it.

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IPTV Service – Impact of COVID 19 Tue, 19 May 2020 16:29:37 +0000 The post IPTV Service – Impact of COVID 19 appeared first on MatrixStream Technologies, Inc..


Is IPTV Service Affected?

IPTV service and whole IPTV industry have been affected as much as any other industry by the worldwide crisis caused by COVID 19 pandemic. The question arises whether the companies involved in the IPTV business will know how to turn things around in their favour?

New Known Reality

The situation where millions of people are forced to stay home, schools, and universities are closed and most of the companies are out of business is a new known reality to everyone. People are under a lot of stress these days and the vast majority seek solace in the pleasant content that IPTV service is able to provide. Therefore, Live TV, Video on demand, Catch-up TV are just some of the services that are widely available to users no matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection. According to Bloomberg, only in March time spent streaming spiked 20% worldwide.

The First Response

The first reaction of the companies that provide IPTV services was to reduce the subscription prices, in order to offer some of the premium content to the users at a lower price. On the other hand, the number of users jumped sharply, which brought some difficulties with it. In an effort to respond to challenging times some companies reduced the quality of their content to respond to increasing demand. Moreover, the more frequent occurrence of illegal IPTV providers makes this situation much more difficult, which is the case in Europe.

Make Distinction

Now more than ever it is necessary to create a clear picture of what good IPTV service means. As someone once said, a cheap or even free solution always turns out to be more expensive in the end. Accordingly, it is very important that users have confidence in their apps. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the companies that deploy IPTV service to avoid some of the following situations:

  • Unreliable streams
  • Channels that are constantly buffering
  • Picture and sound are not synchronized
  • VOD content is not available
  • And the worst apps that crash

These are just some of the examples of what a bad IPTV solution can bring with it but do not worry, we are here for you.

Before buy, you should try!

Best way to ensure that you are doing the right thing is to get familiar with the product before you buy it. For the development of IPTV, this may have been a problem before, but now it is just a few clicks away. You can easily order our sample Set-top Box here. The one is for sure. In these uncertain times It is certain that MatrixStream will continue to provide top quality services in all segments of its business.

Stay tuned for more!

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