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Various researches have affirmed rapid growth for the global Internet Protocol television (IPTV) market which is expected to reach a notable valuation in the coming years. IPTV gives a secure method to deliver high-quality services to end users over a private network. IPTV is the junction of communication, computing, and content which facilitates the provision of digital television services over Internet Protocol (IP) for residential and business users at an affordable price.

Considering the growth in internet penetration rates, higher demand for IPTV is expected. With internet devices becoming an integral part of everyday living most consumers are keen to get an upgrade to on-demand content offerings at minimal incremental cost. Cable operators and satellite broadcasters are increasingly leveraging IPTV to deliver additional channels to their subscribers.

The ever-growing demand for customized TV content has been a crucial driving force of the market growth for IPTV. This type of service provides viewers with more choice and control over the content they are watching. IPTV gives users the opportunity to tailor their own content based on personal preferences, and the huge popularity of video-on-demand (VoD) is only accelerating the growth of the market. Advertising-on-demand is targeted to the customers as well, so it makes it the perfect solution for various industries or businesses, as well as for the viewers. Due to plentiful of opportunities for market expansion, the content producers are leaning towards making the IPTV technology available to the users of developing countries. Network issues such as low internet penetration rates and limited bandwidth, as well as the Over the Top solutions (as the standalone product) might turn out to be the only challenge to the growth of the global IPTV market.

Regional analysis confirms that North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Rest of the World are the main markets for IPTV, with North America and Europe having a larger share of the global IPTV market considering overall number of subscribers while Asia Pacific remains the largest market owing to very low average income per user in countries such as India and China.

Increasing penetration of internet in Asia Pacific initiated the rapid growth of the IPTV market in this region and the fast-paced urbanization, expansion of the middle class and fast-growing economy present a host of opportunities to the Asia Pacific IPTV market.

Led by France, the UK and Germany, Europe too is a great market for IPTV. Rising popularity of VoD content as well as the perpetual and growing investment in telecommunication services are an instrumental part of the growth of the Europe market.

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