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There are many immigrants in the various countries throughout the world.  One of the biggest challenges is the ability for these immigrants to watch TV and video programs from their home country.  Currently, many of these viewers have to pay high per month fee to watch limited channels from some of the providers.  In the USA, one live international channel offering could $20 and up per month.  In most cases, many live TV channels aren’t even available from any provider.

MatrixCloud OTT IPTV solution is the complete package that can enable any multicultural programmer to offer their live TV and VOD content anywhere in the world.  All they need is a broadband network.  The MatrixCloud IPTV solution enables any programmer to offer their content streaming to large HDTV via set top box.  In addition, they can offer MatrixEverywhere clients to viewers with Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Android smart phones, Android tablets, MACs, and PC IPTV clients.  MatrixCloud IPTV allows each programmer the ability to brand their own players that can be made available in the Apple Appstore and Google Play.

Here is a great article talking about this trend.

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