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Remember the times when you had to wait for weeks only to watch your favorite TV program? Those days are long gone now. Thanks to IPTV, labeled as the best of modern technology, you can watch anything you like at any given time. And of course, watch the content on any device.
If you are still not quite sure what IPTV means exactly, read on.

The term IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. What is it? In short – it’s the best alternative to classic television. However, this article will review the most important details of this concept.

IPTV in a Nutshell

This modern technology uses internet network to provide video content to your TV, laptop, desktop or smartphone/tablet. As previously mentioned, one of the best IPTV features is that it enables users to stream any content at any given time and more importantly, on any device.

According to numerous studies and surveys, such as GVR IPTV Industry Analysis, IPTV is on a constant rise. It has been evolving and growing for over a decade and this trend is expected to continue. Therefore, it is safe to assume that it will completely take over and replace cable and satellite providers.

In addition, IPTV services often come at a price much more affordable when compared to classic TV.

The Best Features of IPTV

Huge Content Pool

Upon subscribing to the service, the users get instant access to countless channels, sorted by category. This is a big advantage IPTV has over cable TV providers. Channels from all over the globe are just a click (or a touch-depending on the device) away. An average service contains numerous genres and categories with thousands of different channels. This variety of choice is among the highest rated features of IPTV.

Video on Demand

On-demand content, also known as VOD, is yet another advantage. Users no longer have to wait for the exact time to watch something. With IPTV, you get a sort of a “video-club membership”. All your favorite TV shows, or latest blockbusters also one click away.
The majority of IPTV providers include VOD in the regular package, however, some of them have pay-per-view options.

Multi-device Compatibility

This is also a feature that is very appealing to people. Unlike conventional TV network, IPTV can be watched anytime, anywhere. It can be watched at home on a TV set, on the go using mobile devices, on a long break at work. All options are available.

Given all the advantages IPTV brings to the table, now is the perfect time to give it a thought. MatrixStream was recently named as one of the key players in the industry. If you would like to find out more about our services, contact us here.

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