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IP Licensing

MatrixStream IP Licensing

Over the years, MatrixStream Technologies Inc. has established itself as one of the leading vendors in the IPTV industry. Our complete IPTV solution is easy to deploy and it comes with minimal upfront costs. Moreover, we strive to have a thorough and detailed approach to provide the best service. As a result, we have a great variety of OTT technology core patents available for licensing.


MatrixCast Streaming Technology is the very engine of our system. It is designed for the ultimate user experience. This patented technology enables users to save huge amounts of bandwidth while enjoying top-quality videos. Furthermore, with our other patented products and services, we can help IPTV providers monetize on this exciting IPTV market. Quickly and easily. That being said, our solution can be considered the finest choice for any IPTV service provider.

We deliver the complete solution, with no limitations and with endless possibilities.

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