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MatrixCloud IPTV Geo-Blocking Security Control

Total Control of Video Content Based on Geography

Complete Control Access to Video Content


Complete Content Access Control via Geography

Ability to Provide Content Security Based on Geography Proximity

MatrixStream’s IPTV geo-blocking feature allows IPTV operators to offer video packages based on geography proximity. IPTV providers can offer video packages of live TV channels and/or VOD content. With content rights being a major security issue for many content providers, this is the perfect tool to control all the content and only give viewing ability to viewers that have the proper rights. This is extremely important when it comes to PPV (Pay Per View) content. For example, if a channel can only be viewed in a particular country, geo blocking allows the IPTV operator to
enable channel viewing access only for that country. People outside the country will be blocked automatically from viewing this particular content.

Ability to Offer Video Content Blackout Restrictions

There are many instances where a certain video or TV broadcast is black-outed in a certain area. This is especially true with many sporting events where the blackout occurs locally if the game is not sold out. MatrixStream’s geo-blocking feature will allow IPTV providers to offer blackouts on various video events based on geography.

Complete End-to-End Video Security

The ultimate goal for IPTV providers is to offer end-to-end security for all video content. In addition to MatrixStream’s conditional access and Digital Rights Management (DRM), IPTV operators can now offer geo blocking as another layer of content security. This will give video content providers the peace of mind that their content will be protected and only viewers with the proper rights can view the video or TV channel.

Time Based Video Packages

IPTV operators can offer time-based pay-per-view packages for live TV and video-on-demand. If the customer is watching a live channel and package has expired, the MatrixStream platform will automatically stop the live stream.

Multiscreen Support

MatrixStream platform automatically supports multiscreen for conditional access access. This allows customers to move from device-to-device, applying all business rules for the video content.

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