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Best Mobile IPTV Solution


Mobile IPTV is supported by the vast majority of smart devices nowadays. And those same smart devices are an integral part of our lives for quite a while now – whether we wanted to admit it or not.
In these modern times, there is a bunch of daily activities that are unthinkable without a phone/tablet. Basic activities such as looking up on something that you are wondering about at the time, finding the best traffic route through the morning jams, training with your smart equipment are the most representative examples. Of course, we will not omit IPTV services here. It’s Mobile IPTV time!



User-Friendly Solution


Some might say that nowadays we are controlled by technology and under constant pressure for keeping up with new trends, or in other words – addicted. We could debate this topic, but today is not that day. If technology is user-friendly it will find its way through to the customers.  The same goes for IPTV. How difficult can it be to watch television on a mobile device? In some cases, it is even easier and clearer to use, compared to classic TV. Not to mention losing the remote controls, which gets even worse if there are two. With mobile TV, we have both: a TV and remote control in one.



Must-Have Features


Since mobile devices expand the essential values of IPTV services, a lot of people are thinking about which one is the most suitable for their needs. With that in mind, it’s absolutely normal that comparison arises over the mobile and other IPTV devices. According to the IPTV tips, however, mobile devices are victorious.

When choosing your IPTV app, bear in mind the following functionalities:

  • Instant Video Streaming – allows viewers with smartphones and tablets to watch live TV and VOD instantly. Viewers have complete access to IPTV packages they subscribed to.

  • Optimized videos for both IOS and Android devices – a platform that is optimized to stream videos to multiple devices with different screen sizes.

  • Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) – smartphones and tablets can access the EPG using an optimized user interface specifically designed for it.

  • Parental Control – to monitor and restrict what a child does online.



All In One


The beauty is in simplicity. See for yourself and don’t deprive yourself of the ultimate atmosphere with your smartphones. MatrixStream Technologies is offering both IOS and Android players for mobile devices with all the aforementioned features included.

As we said earlier, it’s mobile IPTV time, provide your customers with the benefit of choice, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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