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Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel), the largest telecom operator in the Sultanate, signed a partnership agreement with UAE’s du, the fastest-growing telecom service provider in the Middle East, to offer IPTV services in the Oman market.

Talal Said Marhoon, Chief Executive of Omantel, says, “We strive to further enhance our leadership of digitalisation in the Sultanate through different aspects. We are pleased to enter into this partnership agreement with du which will enable us to offer our customers state-of-the-art IPTV service.”

He also said that as the owner of Oman’s largest IP network, they believe IPTV provides a unique opportunity to offer their customers unmatched broadcast quality for on-demand entertainment services.

This is the first regional tie-up between these two operators. Omantel will offer IPTV service in its local market using the IPTV platform of du. The partnership provides the opportunity for du to expand the regional reach.

Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer of du, says, “Our partnership with Omantel marks a significant step for us as we continue in our steadfast growth throughout the region. We are now a regional ICT player, having diversified from pure telecommunications, and we are expanding our offerings for regional incumbents.”


IPTV is a booming business for the Middle East. More and more service providers are now expanding their services through IPTV offering. This is evidenced by the high demand for OTT services, combined with IP services in the Middle East, especially the Gulf region, which it has a very high-end market.

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