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MatrixStream is the leading IPTV solution provider and one of the industry pioneers with over 17 years of experience in this exciting and ever-growing market.

Our fully integrated OTT (Over the Top) end-to-end UHD streaming IPTV solution enables telecoms and service providers worldwide to instantly start IPTV services without integration headaches. MatrixStream’s one-of-a-kind MatrixCloud IPTV solution enables telecoms and service providers to generate instant revenue off their cloud IPTV service.

MatrixStream supplies all the pieces needed to deploy a complete IPTV solution, including streaming of limitless live TV channels and countless amounts of on-demand content. All up to UltraHD 4K video quality, over networks without QoS, such as the Internet.

Our amazing patented MatrixCast OTT streaming technology enables the delivery of the highest quality videos at very low bitrates.

In addition, MatrixStream is the premier provider of a wireless IPTV solution, offering UHD streaming over wireless 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. This enables end-users to enjoy UHD videos on either MatrixStream UHD set-top boxes, Android smartphones, Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, MACs, or PCs.

As one of the industry’s first IPTV SaaS solution providers, we enable companies to start IPTV services easily and quickly. Moreover, MatrixStream is here to work with your company through every step of the deployment and even assist you with acquiring premium live TV and VOD content.

Contact us today, and let us create a bespoke solution that would suit all your IPTV requirements.

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MatrixCloud IPTV Core Technologies

Powering OTT IPTV Systems Everywhere
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IPTV Head-End Traditional Deployment Model


  • Pay for all required servers upfront
  • Pay for user licenses upfront
  • Pay for user license for MatrixEverywhere IPTV clients
  • Pay annual maintenance fee in order to get free bug fixes and updates
  • No monthly IPTV per user fee
  • Higher upfront cost


  • You own all of your equipment and licenses
  • No monthly IPTV SaaS fee
  • Ideal for providers that already have a large IPTV customer base and the capital to pay for all the head-end upfront

IPTV Head-End SaaS Deployment Model

Highlights of Cloud IPTV SaaS deployment model:

  • MatrixStream IPTV Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud deployment model
  • Pay for only the necessary IPTV servers upfront
  • Pay for set top boxes upfront
  • Unlimited user license fees
  • Unlimited MatrixEverywhere IPTV clients at no additional cost
  • No annual maintenance software license fee
  • Pay per user per month based on services deployed


  • Low upfront cost
  • Fast deployment of IPTV services
  • Easy to project expenses based on monthly per user SaaS fee
  • Pay as you grow the user subscription base
  • MatrixStream will constantly monitor your IPTV system to ensure your system has latest updates and bug fixes
  • MatrixStream is essentially in partnership with you for your IPTV services

MatrixCast IPTV OTT Streaming Technology

MatrixStream’s patented MatrixCast streaming technology is the engine in the MatrixCloud IPTV solution.  MatrixCast allows viewers to watch high-quality videos over the network at a very low bit rates.  Viewers can watch HD videos with as little as 1 Mbps of bandwidth.  Unlike other IPTV solutions, this will save service providers a ton of bandwidth and put less strain on the entire networking infrastructure.  MatrixCast fully supports both H.264 IPTV solution and next generation H.265 or HEVC IPTV solution.

MatrixCloud IPTV Solution

MatrixCloud is MatrixStream’s complete end-to-end OTT IPTV solution.  MatrixStream can help any service provider deploy a fully functional telco-grade IPTV solution in matters of weeks.  MatrixCloud IPTV solution is designed to offer unlimited live TV channels and VOD videos.  Also, MatrixCloud IPTV streams can be viewed on multiple devices such as OTT IPTV HD set top box, PC player, MAC player, IOS smartphone, IOS tablet, Android smartphone, and Android tablets.  MatrixCloud is future proof in that it also supports H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) IPTV streaming technologies.

MediaMatrix Third-Party Application API

MediaMatrix API allows third-party to develop custom IPTV applications right on top of the MatrixCloud IPTV solution.  These applications will run on top of the MatrixStream set-top box software. Some examples of these apps included: local weather report, on-demand music channels, picture sharing, social media applications, hotel information portal, and much more.  MatrixStream’s professional service group can work with any client and develop complete custom applications catering to the customer’s local market.

MatrixCrypt IPTV Pay TV DRM

MatrixCrypt Pay TV DRM

MatrixCrypt DRM enables IPTV providers to protect their video content against unauthorized viewing.  MatrixCrypt is part of MatrixStream’s MatrixCloud IPTV solution and is fully integrated with all the backend servers and MatrixEverywhere viewing clients.  Unlike many other devices out in the market, MatrixCrypt DRM enables content providers to offer premium pay TV content on any device anywhere.

MatrixCast 3D OTT Streaming Technology

MatrixCast 3D OTT Streaming Technology

MatrixCast 3D streaming technology delivers stunning 3D videos over any broadband network.  Viewers can watch 3D content over any broadband network. Coupled with MatrixStream’s digital surround sound technology, viewers can get the ultimate viewing experience right over the Internet.

MatrixCast Ultra 4K OTT Streaming Technology

MatrixCast Ultra 4K OTT Streaming Technology

MatrixCast Ultra HD 4K OTT streaming technology allows viewers to watch Ultra HD 4K videos over any broadband.  Designed to work seamlessly with all the products within the MatrixCloud IPTV system, viewers can experience highest quality video viewing experience along with digital surround sound.

MatrixCloud IPTV Add-On Features

Enhancing IPTV User Experience Worldwide
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MatrixStream Network DVR Solution

MatrixStream Network DVR Solution

MatrixStream DVR technology allows viewers the ability to watch content previously recorded on the network.  Viewers have the ability to watch content on the EPG that already been played.  This way, viewers will never have to remember to record a program.  The content will always be available to all the viewers provided the content provider make it available.  It is as simple as select the previously played program on the EPG and press play.

MatrixStream Geo blocking Technology

MatrixStream Geo blocking Technology

MatrixStream’s Geo-Blocking technology allows operators to control how viewers watch video content on their IPTV network. Operators can provision content viewing rights based on geography.  Viewers outside allowed geography will not be able to watch content has no content viewing rights.  Matrix Geo-Blocking gives operators complete control over their content viewing rights based on geography.

MatrixStream e-commerce IPTV integration

MatrixStream e-commerce IPTV integration

MatrixStream provides complete IPTV solution allow service providers to instantly set up their IPTV service.  The e-commerce plugin works in concert with MatrixPortal Website allowing users to register new accounts, purchase TV channel packages, and products.  Customers can view their own account information and upgrade their TV packages from any Web browser.  This system is designed to save time and headache for providers that want things up and running as quickly as possible.

MatrixEverywhere PC Android IOS video clients

MatrixEverywhere PC Android IOS video clients

MatrixEverywhere video clients allow viewers to watch streaming content on multiple devices.  Currently, viewers can watch video on OTT IPTV HD set top boxes, desktop players, laptop players, MAC players, Apple iPhone player, Apple iPad player, Android smart phone players, and Android tablet players.  MatrixEverywhere IOS players are available in the App store.  MatrixEverywhere Android player is available in the Google Play store.  Service providers can also work Matrixstream to deploy their own branded MatrixEverywhere players in the App store and Google Play store.

MatrixCloud IPTV Management Platform

Providing Ultimate Control over IPTV Services

MatrixManage IPTV Control Management System

MatrixManage server is the command center for an IPTV solution,  MatrixManage server allows operators to monitor everything that’s going on in the IPTV network.  Providers can monitor health of each live TV streams as well as health of each servers in the MatrixCloud ecosystem.  MatrixManage solution gives operators complete command of the IPTV netowork from a central location.

MatrixStream IPTV Web Portal Deployment

MatrixStream IPTV Web Portal Deployment

MatrixPortal allows Service providers to deploy a fully integrated IPTV themed Web portal that’s fully integrated with MatrixCloud backend system.  Service providers can work with MatrixStream’s professional service team and deploy a fully function IPTV website that allows new customers to register themselves and sign up for new IPTV services.

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