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Ever since it all started, the IPTV market size had been on the constant rise. Meanwhile, the latest reports are showing that this trend will not change.
The IPTV market value is expected to reach USD 57.4 billion by 2025, according to the new report by Big Market Research. It will grow at an annual rate of around 35%, to put it differently.  

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This report focuses on the global IPTV market, including: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa. It takes a close look at all of the business aspects. More importantly, it gives insight into the market by region, thus making it easier for vendors to adjust their approach.

Key Elements

We have summed up the key elements this report provides:

  • IPTV market overview, opportunities, risks and product scope.
  • Thorough analysis of recent trends.
  • Detailed information regarding the IPTV sector based on the region, sales, revenue and IPTV market growth.
  • Key players and company profiles.
  • Key segments of the IPTV industry filtered by verticals, end-use, type, and region.

Key Players

With IPTV market size this big, only the finest providers are on top. The key players mentioned and analyzed in the report are:

Broadcom Corporation, CenturyLink, Inc. Orange S.A. Akamai Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T. Ericsson, ARRIS Group, Inc. MatrixStream Technologies, Inc. Amino Technologies PLC, Cisco Systems, Inc. Deutsche Telekom AG and much more.

This research offers insight into the performance of the biggest players in the industry. Additionally, it gives an overview of recent developments by these companies.

MatrixStream as a Key Player

Besides the fact that we are veterans and pioneers of the industry, we like to think that it is our complete OTT IPTV solution that earned us a place at the very top.

With our cutting-edge patented technology, and well developed business model, we enable telcos to launch their IPTV service instantly. Moreover, we give maximum quality with minimal upfront costs.

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